Whether you are a longtime exerciser or finally
getting around to getting off the couch, strength
training is an essential part of your fitness
Strength Training for Men over 50
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Ergonomic products help PTs, patients
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As technology advances, workplaces rapidly
add new equipment to offices, factories and
clinics. However, their employees still have the
"same old human body,".
Neurological physical therapy is a field focused on working with individuals who have a
neurological disorder or disease. These include Alzheimer's disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth
disease (CMT), ALS, brain injury, cerebral palsy,l.g.b.syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's
disease, spinal cord injury, and stroke. Common impairments associated with neurologic
conditions include impairments of vision, balance, ambulation, activities of daily living, movement,
muscle strength and loss of functional independence.[34] Physiotherapy can address many of
these impairments and aid in restoring and maintaining function, slowing disease progression,
and improving quality of life.

In layman's terms, neurological massage is directed toward correcting and healing
out-of-normative body systems, unlike traditional massages, such as Swedish massage, that are
directed toward comfort and relaxation.