Whether you are a longtime exerciser or finally
getting around to getting off the couch, strength
training is an essential part of your fitness
Strength Training for Men over 50
By Andrea Cespedes, Contributor eHow.com
last updated April 30, 2013
Ergonomic products help PTs, patients
By Bonnie Benton, TodayinPT.com
Monday May 13, 2013
As technology advances, workplaces rapidly
add new equipment to offices, factories and
clinics. However, their employees still have the
"same old human body,".
Integumentary (treatment of conditions involving the skin and related organs). Common conditions
managed include wounds and burns. Physical therapists utilize surgical instruments, mechanical
lavage, dressings and topical agents to debride necrotic tissue and promote tissue healing. Other
commonly used interventions include exercise, edema control, splinting, and compression